We want to ensure that you are fully informed about our past achievements and our plans for the future. Therefore, we are sharing our roadmap with you, which outlines the progress we've made so far and our strategies moving forward to better serve our customers.

⌛️ Pending

Multi-Language Support

Adding language support for major European languages; including Spanish, German, French, Dutch, etc. So, users can translate the generated summary into their native language.

Your Research Companion (B2B)

Extending the summarization capabilities to make TubeOnAI a full-fledged research companion. Features will include generating background summary, bulk summary, and recap on a specific topic. Create different buckets to organize your research. Tag the summaries and many more.

Webhook Support

We will allow users to set up a webhook URL for getting notifications when a summary is generated. So, users can use it in their systems or for automation purposes.

Improved Play All Feature

We will improve the Play All feature to play all unplayed summaries at once. So, users can easily get up to date with all the summaries available in the feed (from subscribed channels).

🚀 In Progress

Podcast Summarization

Search and Summarize any podcast episode. Get instant notifications and enjoy the auto-download summary feature for your favorite podcasters.

Improved Mobile App Experience

We are working on improving the mobile app experience. Expect better summary playback with the help of enhanced real-time summary and optimized speed.

Dynamic Interlinking

Automatically interlinks the content with the most relevant anchor text for all top summaries.

🎉 Completed

New Web App With Custom UI/UX

We have launched a new web app with a custom UI/UX for better user experience and easy navigation.

Follow Youtube Channel

Users can follow a YouTube channel to get notifications and summaries for new videos.

Playlist Feature

Users can add a summary to the queue to play next while a summary is being played. We will extend this feature in the future to create a playlist of summaries.

Background Summary Play In Web And Mobile Apps

Users can play a summary in the background while doing other tasks on the web and mobile apps.

Push Notification (Chrome, Mobile And Email)

Based on user settings and preferences, we will send push notifications for new summaries.

Summarizing Long Form Content

Better algorithm to summarize long-form content such as lengthy videos spanning 2 to 4 hours. The main goal is to be able to capture key insights from the content without compromising any essential details.

Search And Instant Summarize

Allow users to search and summarize YouTube videos in real-time.

Publish Mobile Apps (iOS And Android)

We have published mobile apps for both iOS and Android. You can download it from the App Store and Play Store.

Guardrail Against Abuse

We have implemented a guardrail against abuse to prevent misuse of the platform. We implemented per-minute, hours, and daily limits for both instant summary and summary generation from followed channels in the background.

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